DJ Chicool, in the real name of Arturs ─îikuls, started to play in the role of disco, already in elementary school in the years 1997-1998. 

Then they were just school-class evenings using cassette recorders and a little CD. After graduating from primary school, one year was a small rest period, while the music collection was constantly being added.

   DJ Chicool's career resumed in 1999 as a DJ in several schools in Riga.

   From 1999-2003 he worked both as a DJ and as a light-man in several of their yearly entertainment venues: "JB-Zebra", "4Love & $", "Trio" (Lielupe)

   In the summer of 2004, at the "Salamandra" club in Riga, hoping for big room capacity, together with DJ San4o began to organize their events, which at that time were sometimes visited more than events organized by other club organizers on Fridays and Saturdays. But in the summer, DJ Chicool understands that this club does not meet many of its technical and visual requirements, and is far from the center of Riga, and this has greatly affected the audience. 

It was decided to develop R'n'B style music events in another club in the center of Riga.

   In autumn 2004, the series event "R'n'B Nights" continued its development at Night club "Big Point" (Riga)

   In the summer of 2005, DJ Chicool started playing at night club "Voodoo". Every Friday and Saturday he spoke at the R'n'B Chillout. And it soon became a popular, crowded hall where the atmosphere of modern R'n'B rhythms was stirred at all times. 

In 2007, a new rally promotional group "AFTERPARTY.LV" was created with house rhythms. The bar "Jameson" (Riga) was chosen as the party place. This morning's events were attended by the largest entertainment employees in Riga and sometimes from other cities of Latvia. At the end of their work, they went to the AFTERPARTY.LV event, since they started from 3:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 

But in parallel with this project, DJ Chicool play at night club "Kefir", "Golden, "The Club" and "RAY".

   In 2009, it was decided that the project "AFTERPARTY.LV" needs its premises. Therefore, a new morning club "Ed Hardy Morning club" was opened. This was a very successful project with a variety of series events, DJs and photo shoots. And only after less than 5 years of operation, for economic reasons, the club was closed.

   On the new night of 2016, in the center of Riga, Mr. CHICOOL opened a new entertainment venue "LOUNGE33". It was both a hookah (water-pipe) bar and a night and morning club, at which time until May 2017 various events took place.

   But by the end of 2017 Mr.CHICOOL received an offer to fly to Reykjavik (Iceland), which was also accepted !

New place, new projects!